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Laura Djakpa is an international Spiritual Guide and Ancestral Shaman. She is gifted with a powerful awakened 3rd Eye and strong spiritual awareness. Laura's divine sight and psychic abilities allow her to gaze into the unseen depths of the different spiritual Realms from the Past, Present, and Future. She is a true visionary.

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Laura's soul entered this

world with a powerful mission to heal and to bring balance and harmony to those destined to encounter her on their life's journey. She has been embraced by many exceptional people of varied cultures and backgrounds. Laura has visited many international locations absorbing the beauty of Mother Earth and honoring the sacred lands. These experiences have heightened her spiritual senses and provided her with the skills to nurture and empower others.

Seated beside the wise Elders and Ancient Universal energies, Laura taps into a divine higher consciousness in an effort to assist those who desire spiritual growth and healing. She focuses deeply on addressing the condition of the spiritual body and mind. She uses personal Spirit Guides and meditation to assist in conquering negative influences from the past.

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